Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Part 3 of the Williamsburg Muster Report

This will be the shortest piece, as there wasn't a whole lot of Battletech going on, I managed to make some purchases, some unseen Wasps and Stingers, as well as a Fire Lance plastic Mech pack from BV Traders and a Kurita House Book as well as a pack of Saladins from The Dragon's Hoard. I talked with Mike Varney from BV about what we thought the future of Classic Battletech was..and found out that he will be the new official Iron Wind agent at cons! Congrats to Mike and the crew!

My opinion on CBT is simple. Brent Evans and Ray Arrista needs to get new product moving, not just PDFs and they need to come clean on what is going on with the Wasp and Valkyrie sculpts. I know, I know, there might be some proprietary issues. I get it. But at least make some sort of statement. Mike told me there was at least one major distributor that told him "Battletech is dead". This isn't good for the future of the game, and I for one, am not happy to be hearing things like this.

Finally, it was Memorial Day - and in memory of all of America's fallen, I wore this the entire con. I encourage more of us wargamers to do so. We game for recreation what may be one of the worst days in someone's life. It would do us well to remember that.

So, all in all, it was a good con, and I will keep the blogging coming. Here is hoping you guys keep reading!

UPDATE: I just realized this was our 10th post! I will keep on writing as you keep on reading!

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