Thursday, May 31, 2018

Been a while. But I have a new project in the offing....

Hi all...

 I know it's been a while, but I wanted to announce the launching of a new idea I am having for Alpha Strike. You see, I've always been interested in one of the legends of Classic BattleTech, the Minnesota Tribe.

One of the great mysteries of Classic BattleTech, were the Uncle Chandy Documents right or wrong?
I don't want to weigh in on who they were, or where they wound up...what I do want to do is use them as an excuse to paint figures! So, yes, I intend to paint up a company of both the Minnesota Tribe and the 20th Rasalhague Regulars in their fight on Trondheim in 2825. It will give me an excuse to break out the 2nd Succession War book, and some other sources to research this fight, as yes, there isn't much out there about it.

So, what do we know? We know the Tribe raided Trondheim, we know they hit the town of Misby Flats after batting around the 20th, who was understrength in the wake of the 2nd War. We know the 20th was a good unit, but hurting, as they were down to between a 1/3rd and 1/5th of their strength, but I may say they put together a scratch company to face these unknown invaders, and throw in some elements of the militia, and then have the 331st be a lighter weight company with very good pilots, and painted the usual Star League Olive. The 20th's units should be in the German WWII scheme that one sees in the original Camo Specs book. I am going to say the 331st have readopted the old Star League Lance/Company model (Yes, I think they are the Wolverines).

Balance will be an issue for this game, as both sides are very good, skill wise, but the 331st should be lighter elements, as it makes sense for a raiding force, whereas the 20th should be almost an assault regiment, as it's had the crud shot out of it.

So, keep watching this space...we'll be posting updates as we put together both sides. 

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