Sunday, September 10, 2017

Post #20, and what a post it is!

It seems that I have managed to prove I am a decent painter after all (and yes, I wasn't sure I didn't paint by braille before this).

I entered some of my painted 'Mechs into competition in the  General Wargamer division of the National Capitol Model Soldier Society Show in Springfield yesterday. And, after a bit of confusion on both mine and the organizer's parts about whether or not there was a wargaming division, I wound up winning the gold medal for the category. To be fair, I was the only competitor, but like the late Hugos...they could have no awarded, so I suppose it does mean something, right?

But, the competition photos do have some of my stuff looking downright spiffy if you ask me, and it's nice to have the gold medal, right? So, yeah, I guess I am a real miniature painter now? Or maybe it's best to stick to my dayjob?

Probably the latter. But it's nice to be recognized, even if I know if Fanjoy or B1BFlyer had been there, I would have rightfully gotten my arse kicked.

It pays to be a winner, I suppose?

And here's some shots of the winning 'Mechs in question?

Not bad, eh? All photos are courtesy of the National Capitol Model Soldier Society, and are strictly of my entries only. I do encourage everyone to pay a visit to the site and see some of the other entries, some of them, like this Vietnam doorgunner, were just amazing.

All in all, this experience has me wanting to get back to painting, perhaps this is also something to take up once the wedding is over, and I have some time again. I would like that as man, I do some great work. Sometimes, it just takes someone else showing you that fact. 


  1. Nice and humble explanation but don't run yourself down too much, Like Woody Allen said, "half of life is just showing up!".

  2. BTW, the mechs do look good, keep up the good work, my guess is that in a couple of years you will be able to give Fanjoy a run for his money.