Thursday, December 6, 2018

Part 5: Painting the Minnesota Tribe! And...not a great start on the snow IMO

It was a mixed day of painting yesterday, I did get a lot done painting-wise yesterday, as the game is Saturday at Noon at The Games Tavern. I am pretty excited about this, as far as I can remember, this is the first time anyone I know has run a Minnesota Tribe-themed game, and I am looking forward to this little game.

Now, painting the Minnesota Tribe:

I began by priming them black, as was stated in a previous blog entry. I am now wondering if I should have painted them grey instead. I used the following colors, the first was MiG-0081 US Olive Drab Vietnam Era (FS 24087) which, like most MiG colors, goes on thin, but if you hit it with two coats, it works well, but I did lose a little detail. I then drybrushed it with a coat of MiG-0929 Olive Drab Shine. It did a decent job of giving it a light shine, so much so, I then hit it with my Magic Mudd Wash. I think I am going to use the shine again as a highlight, see if that lightens up the scheme a bit, or I may use a lighter shade of OD with a 10% addition of some VMC Grey White?

The snow, that was another disaster. I made a hash of it I think. First, I used pumice instead of modelling paste, which I do not have, the rest, I didn't have water effects, so I used what I had of some gloss varnish. Honestly, what came out was grey..and looks more like ash than snow. I was not impressed. I might use some white glue and snow to go over top of this, then put some rocks and the like in to try and see if this can be improved.

The Combine Mechs mostly have their decals done, I just have to add numbers/some "nose art" and hazard symbols. But, I really like how they turned out. Anyhow, we'll see how it all goes tonight?

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